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scanner: don't pop active flex scanner scope
Currently we can pop a flex scope that is still active, i.e. the scanner_pop_start_cond() for the scope has not been done. Example: counter ipsec out ip daddr counter name "ipsec_out" Here, parser fails because 'daddr' is parsed as STRING, not as DADDR token. Bug is as follows: COUNTER changes scope to COUNTER. (COUNTER). Next, IPSEC scope gets pushed, stack is: COUNTER, IPSEC. Then, the 'COUNTER' scope close happens. Because active scope has changed, we cannot pop (we would pop the 'ipsec' scope in flex). The pop operation gets delayed accordingly. Next, IP gets pushed, stack is: COUNTER, IPSEC, IP, plus the information that one scope closure/pop was delayed. Then, the IP scope is closed. Because a pop operation was delayed, we pop again, which brings us back to COUNTER state. This is bogus: The pop operation CANNOT be done yet, because the ipsec scope is still open, but the existing code lacks the information to detect this. After popping the IP scope, we must remain in IPSEC scope until bison parser calls scanner_pop_start_cond(, IPSEC). This adds a counter per flex scope so that we can detect this case. In above case, after the IP scope gets closed, the "new" (previous) scope (IPSEC) will be treated as active and its close is attempted again on the next call to scanner_pop_start_cond(). After this patch, transition in above rule is: push counter (COUNTER) push IPSEC (COUNTER, IPSEC) pop COUNTER (delayed: COUNTER, IPSEC, pending-pop for COUNTER), push IP (COUNTER, IPSEC, IP, pending-pop for COUNTER) pop IP (COUNTER, IPSEC, pending-pop for COUNTER) parse DADDR (we're in IPSEC scope, its valid token) pop IPSEC (pops all remaining scopes). We could also resurrect the commit: "scanner: flags: move to own scope", the test case passes with the new scope closure logic. Fixes: bff106c5b277 ("scanner: add support for scope nesting") Signed-off-by: Florian Westphal <>
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