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huge reorganization for 0.9
- added hashtables everywhere - no more dynamic allocation for each packet - mysql output plugin - more keys in ulogd_BASE - moved libipulog into ulogd directory - introduced autoconf
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-I want to write a flexible, almost universal logging daemon for my netfilter
-ULOG target. It is not optimized in any way, the goal is to keep as simple as possible. These are my thoughts about how the architecture which is most capable of doing that:
-1. Interpreter lugins
-It should be possible to add plugins / runtime modules for new protocols, etc.
-For example the standard logging daemon provides source-ip, dest-ip,
-source-port, dest-port, etc. Logging for variuos other protocols (GRE,
-IPsec, ...) may be implemented as modules.
-2. Output plugins
-... describe how and where to put the information gained by logging plugins.
-The easiest way is to build a line per packet and fprint it to a file.
-Some people might want to log into a SQL database or want an output
-conforming to the intrusion detection systems communication draft from the
-The major clue is providing a framework which is as flexible as possible.
-Nobody knows what strange network protocols are out there :) Flexibility
-depends on the communication between the output of the logging plugins
-and input of the output plugins.
-Rusty advised me to use some kind of type-key-value triples, but I think
-this is the total overkill and is too complicated for me to implement it
-in a reasonable short period of time. (3 hours later) Hmm... Rusty finally
-convinced me to use linked lists of type-key-value triples - and it wasn't
-that difficult.
-Just copy the plugins into /usr/local/lib/ulogd and the ulogd to wherever
-You want it to be.
-Just drop me a note to