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* more work towards automake'inglaforge2005-10-021-0/+2
* first step towards automakelaforge2005-10-022-30/+7
* too many changes to comment on. ulogd now compiles again.laforge2005-10-021-2/+1
* some more worklaforge2005-09-261-10/+24
* add (unfinished) nfnetlink_log input pluginlaforge2005-07-312-1/+296
* current working state (doesn't compile yet)laforge2005-04-171-48/+50
* add makefiles for subdirslaforge2005-04-171-0/+30
* intermediate development snapshotlaforge2004-10-101-1/+30
* commit my latest changes from Ottawa (July 2004)laforge2004-08-221-49/+10
* sume of the BASE stuff (the part dealing with OOB) doesn't belong in a generi...laforge2004-07-241-13/+161
* move more stuff from ulogd.c to libulog pluginlaforge2004-07-231-0/+11
* move libulog specific code to ulogd_inppkt_ULOG.claforge2004-07-231-0/+128