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authorPablo Neira Ayuso <>2014-06-09 18:23:05 +0200
committerPablo Neira Ayuso <>2014-06-10 11:26:20 +0200
commitee85b1bc1bb9f91daf2004823dfa204dbc52f52a (patch)
tree8116ebe09c8e90bff76dfb9a373832f1adfe9253 /iptables/nft.h
parent495f1e8cc1753a3577a0b6c790b96b34859cd9bd (diff)
iptables: nft: remove unused code
Remove code to set table in dormant state, this is not required from the iptables over nft compatibility layer. Signed-off-by: Pablo Neira Ayuso <>
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diff --git a/iptables/nft.h b/iptables/nft.h
index ddc52012..1e78eddb 100644
--- a/iptables/nft.h
+++ b/iptables/nft.h
@@ -53,13 +53,10 @@ void nft_fini(struct nft_handle *h);
struct nft_table;
struct nft_chain_list;
-int nft_table_builtin_add(struct nft_handle *h, struct builtin_table *_t, bool dormant);
struct builtin_table *nft_table_builtin_find(struct nft_handle *h, const char *table);
int nft_table_add(struct nft_handle *h, const struct nft_table *t);
int nft_for_each_table(struct nft_handle *h, int (*func)(struct nft_handle *h, const char *tablename, bool counters), bool counters);
bool nft_table_find(struct nft_handle *h, const char *tablename);
-int nft_table_set_dormant(struct nft_handle *h, const char *table);
-int nft_table_wake_dormant(struct nft_handle *h, const char *table);
int nft_table_purge_chains(struct nft_handle *h, const char *table, struct nft_chain_list *list);