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xshared: Merge some command option-related codeHEADmaster
Add OPT_FRAGMENT define into the enum of other OPT_* defines at the right position and adjust the arptables-specific ones that follow accordingly. Appropriately adjust inverse_for_options array in xtables-arp.c. Extend optflags from iptables.c by the arptables values for the sake of completeness, then move it to xshared.h along with NUMBER_OF_OPT definition. As a side-effect, this fixes for wrong ordering of entries in arptables' 'optflags' copy. Add arptables-specific bits to commands_v_options table (the speicific options are matches on ARP header fields, just treat them like '-s' option. This is also just a cosmetic change, arptables doesn't have a generic_opt_check() implementation and hence doesn't use such a table. With things potentially ready for common use, move commands_v_options table along with generic_opt_check() and opt2char() into xshared.c and drop the local (identical) implementations from iptables.c, ip6tables.c xtables.c and xtables-arp.c. While doing so, fix ordering of entries in that table: the row for CMD_ZERO_NUM was in the wrong position. Since all moved rows though are identical, this had no effect in practice. Fixes: d960a991350ca ("xtables-arp: Integrate OPT_* defines into xshared.h") Fixes: 384958620abab ("use nf_tables and nf_tables compatibility interface") Signed-off-by: Phil Sutter <>
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