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src: add hash expression
This is special expression that transforms an input expression into a 32-bit unsigned integer. This expression takes a modulus parameter to scale the result and the random seed so the hash result becomes harder to predict. You can use it to set the packet mark, eg. # nft add rule x y meta mark set jhash ip saddr . ip daddr mod 2 seed 0xdeadbeef You can combine this with maps too, eg. # nft add rule x y dnat to jhash ip saddr mod 2 seed 0xdeadbeef map { \ 0 :, \ 1 : \ } Currently, this expression implements the jenkins hash implementation available in the Linux kernel: But it should be possible to extend it to support any other hash function type. Signed-off-by: Pablo Neira Ayuso <>
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numgen.c \
ct.c \