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datatype: add stolen verdict
using fwd statement causes crash when using nft trace: trace id ddbbaae2 netdev vpn ingress_out packet: iif "enp2s0" ether saddr 78:54:00:29:bb:aa ether daddr 52:54:00:01:53:9f ip saddr ip daddr ip dscp cs0 ip ecn not-ect ip ttl 64 ip id 49036 ip length 84 icmp type echo-reply icmp code 0 icmp id 16947 icmp sequence 4 trace id ddbbaae2 netdev vpn ingress_out rule ip saddr nftrace set 1 (verdict continue) trace id ddbbaae2 netdev vpn ingress_out rule ip saddr ether saddr set aa:bb:00:18:cc:dd ether daddr set 00:00:5e:00:00:11 fwd to "enp1s0" BUG: invalid verdict value 2 nft: datatype.c:282: verdict_type_print: Assertion `0' failed. ADd stolen verdict (2) and remove the BUG statement. Closes: Signed-off-by: Florian Westphal <>
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