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files: pf.os: merge the signatures splitted by version
In order to be able to identify the OS version we need to merge the signatures split by version. eg. 65535:64:1:60:M*,N,W1,N,N,T: FreeBSD:4.7-4.11::FreeBSD 4.7-5.2 65535:64:1:60:M*,N,W1,N,N,T: FreeBSD:5.0-5.2::FreeBSD 4.7-5.2 65535:64:1:60:M*,N,W1,N,N,T: FreeBSD:4.7-5.2::FreeBSD 4.7-5.2 Fingerprints need to be unique to make this fit into the set/map infrastructure for exact matches. Having multiples fingerprints with same signature is a problem, since it forces users to add multiple rules. Signed-off-by: Fernando Fernandez Mancera <> Signed-off-by: Pablo Neira Ayuso <>
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