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* libnftables: export public symbols onlyArturo Borrero Gonzalez2019-07-011-0/+21
Export public symbols (the library API functions) instead of all symbols in the library. This patch introduces the required macros to manage the visibility attributes (mostly copied from libnftnl.git) and also marks each symbol as exported when they need to be public. Also, introduce a .map file for proper symbol versioning. Previous to this patch, libnftables public symbols were: % dpkg-gensymbols -q -plibnftables -v0.9.1 -O -esrc/.libs/ | wc -l 527 With this patch, libnftables symbols are: % dpkg-gensymbols -q -plibnftables -v0.9.1 -O -esrc/.libs/ libnftables #MINVER# nft_ctx_add_include_path@Base 0.9.1 nft_ctx_buffer_error@Base 0.9.1 nft_ctx_buffer_output@Base 0.9.1 nft_ctx_clear_include_paths@Base 0.9.1 nft_ctx_free@Base 0.9.1 nft_ctx_get_dry_run@Base 0.9.1 nft_ctx_get_error_buffer@Base 0.9.1 nft_ctx_get_output_buffer@Base 0.9.1 nft_ctx_new@Base 0.9.1 nft_ctx_output_get_debug@Base 0.9.1 nft_ctx_output_get_flags@Base 0.9.1 nft_ctx_output_set_debug@Base 0.9.1 nft_ctx_output_set_flags@Base 0.9.1 nft_ctx_set_dry_run@Base 0.9.1 nft_ctx_set_error@Base 0.9.1 nft_ctx_set_output@Base 0.9.1 nft_ctx_unbuffer_error@Base 0.9.1 nft_ctx_unbuffer_output@Base 0.9.1 nft_run_cmd_from_buffer@Base 0.9.1 nft_run_cmd_from_filename@Base 0.9.1 Signed-off-by: Arturo Borrero Gonzalez <> Signed-off-by: Pablo Neira Ayuso <>