path: root/tests/shell/testcases/maps
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* tests: shell: rename testcases/map/dump/0009vmap_0dump.nftPablo Neira Ayuso2020-06-141-1/+1
* evaluate: missing datatype definition in implicit_set_declaration()Pablo Neira Ayuso2020-06-072-0/+32
* concat: provide proper dtype when parsing typeof udataFlorian Westphal2020-04-012-0/+14
* tests: update nat_addr_port with typeof+concat mapsFlorian Westphal2020-02-262-0/+80
* tests: shell: adjust tests to new nat concatenation syntaxPablo Neira Ayuso2020-02-242-16/+16
* tests: nat: add and use maps with both address and serviceFlorian Westphal2020-02-242-0/+160
* tests: add initial nat map testFlorian Westphal2020-02-242-0/+96
* src: maps: update data expression dtype based on setFlorian Westphal2020-02-132-0/+49
* tests: shell: Search diff tool once and for allPhil Sutter2020-01-163-6/+3
* main: enforce options before commandsPablo Neira Ayuso2019-12-181-1/+1
* tests: add typeof test casesFlorian Westphal2019-12-172-0/+43
* segtree: always close interval in non-anonymous setsPablo Neira Ayuso2019-10-091-0/+32
* tests: shell: fix failed tests due to missing quotesEric Jallot2019-10-081-2/+1
* tests: shell: change all test scripts to return 0Florian Westphal2019-01-041-1/+4
* tests: shell: add quotes when using <<<-style here documentFlorian Westphal2018-06-081-1/+1
* Support 'nft -f -' to read from stdinPhil Sutter2018-03-202-25/+5
* tests: shell: autogenerate dump verificationLaura Garcia Liebana2018-03-0910-51/+47
* meta: introduce datatype ifname_typeArturo Borrero Gonzalez2018-02-251-0/+35
* tests: shell: Add test case for map expression.Varsha Rao2017-11-061-0/+10
* expression: print sets and maps in pretty formatArturo Borrero Gonzalez2017-05-153-12/+33
* sets: Fix for missing space after last elementPhil Sutter2017-03-224-4/+4
* tests: shell: add maps testsElise Lennion2017-01-104-0/+228
* parser_bison: keep map flag around when flags are specifiedPablo Neira Ayuso2016-07-271-0/+21
* tests/shell: add maps tests casesArturo Borrero2015-12-182-0/+18