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libxt_owner merges libipt_owner and libip6t_owner, and adds support for the xt_owner match revision 1. Signed-off-by: Jan Engelhardt <>
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+This module attempts to match various characteristics of the packet creator,
+for locally generated packets. This match is only valid in the OUTPUT and
+POSTROUTING chains. Forwarded packets do not have any socket associated with
+them. Packets from kernel threads do have a socket, but usually no owner.
+\fB--uid-owner\fR \fIuserid\fR
+Matches if the packet socket's file structure (if it has one) is owned by the
+given user ID. A user name may be specified in place of \fIuserid\fR, in which
+case iptables will try to look it up.
+\fB--gid-owner\fR \fIgroupid\fR
+Matches if the packet socket's file structure is owned by the given group ID.
+A group name may be specified in place of \fIgroupid\fR.
+Matches if the packet is associated with a socket.