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authorJan Engelhardt <>2011-02-07 03:16:14 +0100
committerJan Engelhardt <>2011-02-07 03:16:14 +0100
commitf4b6e5290e869fccb87c03da5603a38b7e55abc5 (patch)
treec911d32f4561935d2e90b3aff12439c2913b97dc /ip6tables.c
parentf1e71016dddb65709afe0746a96a3fefbec3ba27 (diff)
src: put shared option flags into xshared
This will be needed for the find_proto function. Signed-off-by: Jan Engelhardt <>
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1 files changed, 2 insertions, 14 deletions
diff --git a/ip6tables.c b/ip6tables.c
index ac376e23..7f8a8df6 100644
--- a/ip6tables.c
+++ b/ip6tables.c
@@ -86,20 +86,8 @@
static const char cmdflags[] = { 'I', 'D', 'D', 'R', 'A', 'L', 'F', 'Z',
'Z', 'N', 'X', 'P', 'E', 'S' };
-#define OPT_NONE 0x00000U
-#define OPT_NUMERIC 0x00001U
-#define OPT_SOURCE 0x00002U
-#define OPT_DESTINATION 0x00004U
-#define OPT_PROTOCOL 0x00008U
-#define OPT_JUMP 0x00010U
-#define OPT_VERBOSE 0x00020U
-#define OPT_EXPANDED 0x00040U
-#define OPT_VIANAMEIN 0x00080U
-#define OPT_VIANAMEOUT 0x00100U
-#define OPT_LINENUMBERS 0x00200U
-#define OPT_COUNTERS 0x00400U
-#define NUMBER_OF_OPT 11
-static const char optflags[NUMBER_OF_OPT]
+#define NUMBER_OF_OPT ARRAY_SIZE(optflags)
+static const char optflags[]
= { 'n', 's', 'd', 'p', 'j', 'v', 'x', 'i', 'o', '0', 'c'};
static struct option original_opts[] = {