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nft: cache: Optimize caching for flush command
When flushing all chains and verbose mode is not enabled, nft_rule_flush() uses a shortcut: It doesn't specify a chain name for NFT_MSG_DELRULE, so the kernel will flush all existing chains without user space needing to know which they are. The above allows to avoid a chain cache, but there's a caveat: nft_xt_builtin_init() will create base chains as it assumes they are missing and thereby possibly overrides any non-default chain policies. Solve this by making nft_xt_builtin_init() cache-aware: If a command doesn't need a chain cache, there's no need to bother with creating any non-existing builtin chains, either. For the sake of completeness, also do nothing if cache is not initialized (although that shouldn't happen). Signed-off-by: Phil Sutter <>
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diff --git a/iptables/tests/shell/testcases/nft-only/0006-policy-override_0 b/iptables/tests/shell/testcases/nft-only/0006-policy-override_0
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+++ b/iptables/tests/shell/testcases/nft-only/0006-policy-override_0
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+[[ $XT_MULTI == *xtables-nft-multi ]] || { echo "skip $XT_MULTI"; exit 0; }
+# make sure none of the commands invoking nft_xt_builtin_init() override
+# non-default chain policies via needless chain add.
+do_test() {
+ $XT_MULTI $@
+ $XT_MULTI iptables -S | grep -q -- '-P FORWARD DROP' && return
+ echo "command '$@' kills chain policies"
+ RC=1
+do_test iptables -A OUTPUT -j ACCEPT
+do_test iptables -F
+do_test iptables -N foo
+do_test iptables -E foo foo2
+do_test iptables -I OUTPUT -j ACCEPT
+do_test iptables -nL
+do_test iptables -S
+exit $RC