path: root/extensions/libipt_sctp.c
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Unifies libip[6]t_sctp.c into libxt_sctp.cYasuyuki KOZAKAI2007-07-241-550/+0
* Fixes warning on compilation of iptables matches/targetsYasuyuki KOZAKAI2007-07-241-3/+3
* Replaces ipt_entry_* with xt_entry_* in matches/targetsYasuyuki KOZAKAI2007-07-241-4/+4
* reduce parse_*_port duplication (Phil Oester <>)Phil Oester2006-07-201-17/+3
* reduce service_to_port duplication (Phil Oester <>)Phil Oester2006-07-201-12/+1
* iptables trivial compile warning cleanup (Phil Oester <>)Phil Oester2006-07-031-2/+4
* Some !%$!*##$@ has modified the kernel include/linux/netfilter_ipv4/ipt_sctp.hHarald Welte2006-02-011-0/+13
* Kill NFC_* stuff in iptables (Pablo Neira <>)Pablo Neira2005-02-141-2/+0
* update for matching chunk flags (Kiran Kumar)Kiran Kumar2004-03-021-28/+133
* add userspace part of SCTP matchHarald Welte2004-02-211-123/+178
* add (untested) sctp userspace support for even more untested kernel part (in ...Harald Welte2003-05-031-0/+402