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* libipq: add pkgconfig fileJan Engelhardt2011-08-081-0/+2
* build: move remaining preprocessor flags to CPPFLAGSMike Frysinger2011-06-011-2/+2
* build: move basic preprocessor flags to regular_CPPFLAGSJan Engelhardt2011-06-011-0/+1
* libipq: build as shared libraryJan Engelhardt2009-12-281-2/+2
* build: restructure Makefile for include/ directoryJan Engelhardt2009-02-121-1/+0
* Add all necessary header files - compilation fix for various casesJan Engelhardt2008-04-141-1/+1
* Converts the iptables build infrastructure to autotools.Jan Engelhardt2008-01-201-0/+11